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Building Blocks to Better IBD Veteran Patient Care: A Multi-Disciplinary Approach (Part 1)

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A multi-disciplinary approach to the care of Veteran patients through their IBD journey is crucial to appropriate treatment methods and maximized patient outcomes. In this session, gastroenterologists from the VA that are key thought leaders in the field of IBD and veteran care will discuss how healthcare professionals can work together to deliver excellent, all-inclusive care for IBD Veteran Patients.

  • Overview


    • Recognize the importance of a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary approach to IBD Veteran patient care and why it’s necessary to decrease cost, medical errors, and maximize patient outcomes.
    • Discuss practical strategies and techniques that can be incorporated into everyday clinical practice to foster a multi-disciplinary approach for IBD Veteran patients.
    • Describe successful communication methods with the IBD Veteran patient to understand their IBD journey as well as their lifestyle and how it impacts the way they live with IBD.



    Meena A. Prasad, MD
    Director of Inflammatory Bowel Disease Assistant Chief of Gastroenterology, Atlanta VA Medical Center Emory GI Fellowship Site Director, Atlanta VA Medical Center
    Associate Professor of Medicine, Emory University

    Jessica Johnson, MD
    Director of Inflammatory Bowel Disease Program, Salt Lake City VA
    Assistant Professor, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah

    Shirley Cohen-Mekelburg, MD
    Director of Inflammatory Bowel Disease Program, Ann Arbor VA
    Assistant Professor, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

    Marmy Shah, MD
    Co-director of Inflammatory Bowel Disease Program, North California VA
    Assistant Professor, University of California Davis, Davis, CA

    Date: May 1, 2023

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